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RICE RICE BABY! Why Brown Rice Protein is getting to be the new favorite Plant Protein?

1. Nutritional Overload

When rice protein is derived from organic sprouted brown rice, it is processed with the bran and the endo sperm layers. This increases the amino acid profile to make a complete protein. When this rice is bio-fermented with natural enzymes (no heat), a lot more bio-available protein is left in the final product.  Plus, it’s full of fiber!  In addition to this, Rice protein powder also contains a significant amount of iron, vitamin C, and a small amount of calcium.

2. Plant Protein Powerhouse

Brown rice proteins are great from a nutrition perspective containing 15-22 grams of protein per 100-calorie serving. A point to be noted though is that rice protein is high in many essential amino acids, including cysteine and methionine, but is low in lysine. 

3. Protein for Everyone

According to study data published in the Nutrition Journal, brown rice protein works as an excellent alternative  for those individuals with dietary restrictions, allergies, sensitivities, or simply those who prefer a vegan or plant-based source of protein. In fact, brown rice contains 37% of the total protein and essential amino acids.

4. Not Enough Benefits? Here’s More…

Rice also contains an array of , including phenolic acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, among others. Such antioxidants can promote health by protecting cells from damaging free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

5. The Weight is Over

Research findings published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry suggests that brown rice protein in particular includes unique peptides that reduce weight gain more than those in white rice protein or soy protein.

6. Taste Test

Rice powders tend to be much less chalky in texture than others, and blend smoothly into any drink. Many find rice protein powder to have a distinct taste. Some enjoy the flavor, while others may find it unpleasant.

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