Frequently asked questions

What is the brand Flex Protein about?

Flex Protein is a consumer driven start-up brand providing ultra-premium nutrition at affordable prices.

Is the Protein easy to dilute?

It has a superior mixing ability, which dissolves in less than 10 seconds.

Is the Protein easy to digest?

Many protein powders give you a feeling of a heavy stomach even after a few hours as they are not easily digested. We at Flex Protein have formulated a powder that is not only easy to dilute, but also easy to digest. We take pride in the fact that we have a PDCAAS (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score) Score of 1.0 of most products which is the highest in the Indian market. It is a popular method, particularly in the USA, to assess protein quality.

Tell me more about the product packaging?

This product is packed in a Pharma grade 5-layer re-sealable pouch to retain complete freshness, accompanied with a free measuring scoop